The management of a virtual or a dedicated hosting machine is different than that of a standard shared internet hosting account, therefore if you need a hosting server of your own for web content or offline apps, you might encounter challenges that you haven't faced before. All system tasks on a shared hosting machine are addressed by the hosting provider, but if you have your own hosting server, all these tasks are something you need to deal with. In case a process freezes for whatever reason, for example, or if the overload on the hosting machine increases considerably, you'll have to take measures to restore the correct operation of the hosting server. Doing this may be an issue if you have never managed a server before and you do not have a lot of experience, so if that is the case, you might use the Managed Services upgrade that we provide. Along with other admin tasks, you'llfind a Monitoring & Rebooting service inside the package, so our admins can keep an eye on your machine 24/7 and restart it if needed.

Monitoring and Rebooting in VPS Web Hosting

You can reap the benefits of our service with each VPS web hosting package which we offer and you can order the Managed Services pack at any time with just a couple of clicks either when you sign up or through the billing area. Our system admins will monitor the system processes on your Vps not just manually, but also through the use of an advanced automated system, so they will be notified the moment anything goes wrong - a script that uses excessive memory or CPU time, a process that has stopped responding or has gone offline for some reason, etc. They'll research the cause of the problem and will reboot your VPS. With this upgrade you'll be able to save funds for highly-priced third-party monitoring services that some businesses offer, but even if they notify you about a problem, they cannot do anything to fix it. Our system admins, in contrast, have got both the knowledge and the access to do this in no time.

Monitoring and Rebooting in Dedicated Servers Hosting

It shall take you a few mouse clicks to add the Managed Services package to the dedicated servers hosting plan which you have selected and our skilled group of admins will begin monitoring the server closely to ensure that it is working correctly all the time. Numerous automated checks will also be included, so they will be aware of any issue the instant it appears. High Central processing unit load, an app using an excessive amount memory or a system process which has stopped responding are simply a few good examples of the issues we can keep an eye for and deal with once the basis for their appearance is determined. If necessary, the dedicated hosting machine shall also be restarted, so you will not have to do anything on your end. With this service you'll not have to pay to third-party monitoring businesses that can only alert you if anything goes wrong but do not have the access to deal with a problem.