When you purchase a brand new Linux cloud web hosting package, it's generated on a server and the entire process typically takes some time, in addition to the confirmation and processing of your fee, which most companies perform personally. When you buy a dedicated server, for example, the setup takes even longer as the machine needs to be assembled, set up and tested to make sure that it'll work properly. That's why, a lot of providers have a one-time charge so as to cover the time and efforts spent on your new account. The charge, which sometimes is high, is generally not mentioned on the front page, and you'll notice it on your checkout or payment page, therefore you won't be familiar with it before you have already completed the whole registration process and you may even miss it if you don't pay close attention.

Setup Fee in Cloud Web Hosting

Our company does not charge anything in addition to the price of the Linux cloud web hosting package that you select, so you won't have to pay any kind of set-up costs or any other charges except for what you have already found on the main page. We consider that being honest to our customers is of key importance for developing a long-lasting business partnership, that being said we will never require that you pay hidden fees of any sort, particularly for something that's almost fully automated and usually requires several min to be done by our system. You will not pay set-up fees even when you obtain multiple accounts plus they will all be completely active right away, which means that you can start taking care of your websites. The total amount of money that you need to pay for all of our plans is the very same that you will find on our main page.

Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated server plans don't have any setup charges, so if you order your new account, the total fee for the very first month will be exactly the same as for the future renewals. Since it takes us several minutes to create and activate your new semi-dedicated account, we think that it wouldn't be right to charge you a dime for that. You'll see the very same amount on the home page, on the payment page as well as on your bank or PayPal statement and you'll never have to pay any extra fees. If you have a standard shared website hosting account from our company and you want a more powerful alternative, we will even relocate all your content to the brand new semi-dedicated account for free.

Setup Fee in VPS Web Hosting

If you choose to obtain a new Virtual Private Server through us, the overall price that you'll have to pay upon signup will be the same both on our front page as well as on your bank statement. We don't charge any kind of setup fees or some other obscured charges over the VPS regular monthly price. Although the installation takes time, it's practically totally automatic, so we think there is no reason to ask for anything extra for a few more clicks by us. If you already have a shared hosting account from us and you purchase a virtual server with the Hepsia Control Panel, we will move all your info and even in this case, we'll never ask you to pay a dime on top of the regular monthly price for the virtual private server plan.

Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers Hosting

Our Linux dedicated servers hosting packages do not have any setup or other hidden fees. Throughout the signup process, you will pay only the standard monthly cost for the plan that you've chosen. Once you place your order, we will assemble and try your brand new machine, after that we'll install all of the software that you will need in order to have a fully operational server - Operating System, hosting Control Panel when you have picked one, web server, MySQL, and so on. All of these duties are a part of the plan and they come free of cost, which means that the registration payment and your forthcoming renewal payments will be identical. If the server comes with our Hepsia hosting Control Panel and you have a shared website hosting account from our company, we can even move all of your content on your new server for free.